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Information as per February 2024
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4.3 star
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  • Average CSAT
    Average CSAT
    Simply Contact boasts multilingual support, ensuring high customer satisfaction globally.
  • Pricing
    Simply Contact offers competitive rates for its comprehensive range of services, catering to various budgets.
  • Multilingual Support Availability
    Multilingual Support Availability
    Experience prompt responses with Simply Contact's efficient communication channels, enhancing customer experience.
  • Response Time
    Response Time
    Benefit from Simply Contact's expertise in over 18 languages, ensuring effective communication worldwide.
  • Multilingual support
  • Modern solutions
  • A large number of possibilities
  • Support for young talents
  • Good feedback from employees
  • Availability of company information
  • Operational communication
  • Company openness
  • Opportunity for development
  • International level of services
  • Underdeveloped social media presence
  • High requirements for applicants
  • Lack of information about salaries for employees

Simply Contact Summary

Simply Contact is a customer service outsourcing company founded in Ukraine in 2013. Their website provides information about their services, including inbound and outbound customer support, technical support, order processing, and telemarketing.
The company has grown into an international company: the offices are in Ukraine (in Kyiv, Lviv, and Dnipro), Poland (Warsaw), and new locations in Romania and Bulgaria are on the way.

Simply Contact is a remote-based company that allows its team to work from anywhere. It means the employees may not necessarily be located in the same country as their offices. The company is constantly evolving and opening new centers to provide access to a pool of highly educated talents.

Simply Contact reviews show that the Company has already achieved recognition and success in the contact center industry. In 2019, the company was recognized as the Best Contact Center Start-up at the Contact Center World Awards, a highly prestigious and internationally recognized award.

The company’s success can be attributed to its focus on providing the best possible customer experience and its use of the latest technologies in the contact center industry. Simply Contact’s highly trained and experienced professionals are dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of their clients, and their commitment to excellence has been recognized through these awards.
Despite being a relatively young company, Simply Contact has already made a name for itself in the industry and has proven its ability to deliver high-quality services and exceed customer expectations. The company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction will likely lead to more awards and recognition.

How Can Simply Contact Help You Optimize Communication with Clients?

Simply Contact review shows they help businesses improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction by providing efficient and effective communication channels and expert support services. They work with clients in various industries, including eCommerce, healthcare, finance, and technology.

Their website provides detailed information about their services, expertise, approach, case studies, and testimonials from satisfied clients. They also offer free consultations to potential clients interested in their services.

The service is ready to offer its clients a different package of services to improve communication with clients on different communication channels. The service’s peculiarity is the emphasis on the accomplishment of specific tasks:

  • Creating full-scale outsourcing to the contact center. As a result, the client will not devote little time to sustaining the specialists’ willingness, who must be ready to give qualified help when processing inputs.
  • Maintaining telemarketing opportunities. Simply Contact provides the contact center’s services and develops marketing strategies, including those for the B2B sector.
  • Promoting electronic commerce. The service also helps its customers to create scenarios and integration methods – from lead generating and increasing potential buyers to particular goods and services.
  • Outsourcing business processes. Simply Contact’s facsimiles are also ready to take on the analytics of key business processes in the client’s company and request ready solutions, so you can change processes to achieve better results.
  • Working with big data. The company also provides working with data and verification of data. It’s handy for great companies, as they make great volumes of information, but they want to develop and not get busy with routine.

The company speaks best about itself in numbers: more than nine years of experience, 100+ completed projects, 500+ agents worldwide, and offices in 5 countries.

Simple Contact Review: Core Advantages

Simply Contact service seems to have incorporated the best features and functionality among other alternative solutions. The company guarantees its customers several obvious advantages:

  • Multilingual support. Specialists provide customer support in more than 18 languages.
    Work stability. Maintaining offices and employees worldwide allows you to ensure reliable services and operations.
  • Modern solutions. The company constantly analyzes the market and offers a service that helps complex business development.
  • A large number of possibilities. The company takes into account that different companies use different communication channels. The service provides customer support in social networks, online chats, or internal programs created based on the customer’s platform.
  • Support for young talents. Simply Contact recruits young professionals to the team and supports events to train and develop people who are just starting their careers.
  • Good feedback from employees. If you look through the Simply contact reviews, you will notice that almost all of them are written in a positive direction.
  • Availability of company information. On the Simply Contact website, you will find information in Ukrainian, Polish, and English, making it easier for specialists looking for a job to study information.
  • Operational communication. When contacting the company, you quickly receive feedback – an automatic letter that confirms your request receipt or a letter from the manager.
  • Company openness. You can easily find information about completed projects on the company’s website. At the same time, the cases contain the most comprehensive information.
  • Opportunity for development. Employees can communicate with people from different fields, providing constant skill development.
  • International level of services. Many company clients are international brands for whom effective communication is the foundation of a successful business. Judging by the results, the quality of services is at a high level.

For example, cooperation with the President of Ukraine’s office is one case example. Simply contact review, posted on the site, demonstrates the amazing service’s efficiency and capabilities. In just one day (!), the service launched a hotline to process calls from people who needed immediate informational assistance concerning the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Over 24,000 calls have been received during the project. Just wow!

Simple Contact Review: Minor Disadvantages

Despite the many advantages, there are also some downsides, which often relate to communication issues. If you have paid attention to this employer, you need to know some nuances that may be important to you.

  • Underdeveloped social media presence. The existing LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles are rarely updated (the news hasn’t been published for several months). It is strange, considering that the company operates in the communications field.
  • High requirements for applicants. Despite the company’s opportunities, only those with a high foreign language proficiency can expect to work here. The priority languages are English, French, and Italian.
  • Lack of information about salaries for employees. This small detail makes it difficult for candidates to find work. After all, if the proposed salary level is unsatisfactory, it is better to know this immediately rather than several weeks into the interview process.

Overall, the number of disadvantages is not significant or critical. However, of course, the company should take a closer look at these nuances to maintain its reputation at a high level.

A Brief Review of Simply Contact Service

  1. Understanding customers’ needs, constant development, and growth predict a promising future and demand for the company. At the same time, the service provides communication for clients of different companies: medical, legal, and business.
  2. Contact center employees work according to instructions, eliminating the risk of providing poor-quality advice.
  3. One of the main company’s characteristics is flexibility. This one applies to the team’s services, the corporate culture, and the social mission to support young professionals.

How to Sign Up and Start Working with Simply Contact?

You will find the «Career» section on the official website. Here, information about all current vacancies is posted: the job title, a list of responsibilities, and the terms of collaboration. Feel free to send your resume to the provided email and wait for feedback from the HR manager.

Career Opportunities

For instance, contact service operator is currently among the most in-demand positions. The company is also willing to consider and offer flexible work schedules (in the office, partially in the office, or remote work), which opens up more opportunities for specialists. Depending on your position, they promise to offer a motivation system and career growth. Therefore, cooperation with the company will be relevant for those interested in a long-term partnership.

Training Agents

One area where Simply Contact stands out is its dedication to supporting and training its agents. They provide ongoing training and development opportunities to help their agents gain new skills and knowledge, which benefits both the agents and the clients. With well-trained agents, Simply Contact can provide high-quality services to their clients.

Hiring Process

In terms of their hiring process, Simply Contact reviews show they take a personalized approach to match agents with specific projects based on their competencies and qualifications. This approach ensures that each agent is well-suited for the project, resulting in a better overall outcome for the client.

Simply Contact and Support Systems

One of the obvious features is response speed, even under conditions of maximum operator workload. Despite considering themselves a relatively young company, the results speak for themselves. Clients of Simply Service assured great results for Yves Rocher France (increase in conversion by 110%), METRO Cash&Carry (6000 calls processed per day), and WIZZ Air (over 95% satisfied customers). Additionally, Simply Service is an attractive employer, with its mission, values, and focus on developing young professionals.

An Overview of Attitudes Towards the Service

The work on the project starts with analyzing the client’s business and identifying project goals and key performance indicators. Afterward, integration with existing systems and current IT processes is configured. For each project, we search for and hire agents with the necessary competencies to work on a specific project. Before starting work, the specialists familiarize themselves with the client’s product features and undergo training at the center with highly qualified trainers.

FAQ Section

  • Is Simply Contact a reliable company?

    The service deals with many customer data, so the company is constantly working to improve its security system.

  • How quickly does the company respond to requests?

    When responding to a job application or customer inquiry, the average processing time is 1 to 3 days.

  • What salary is offered to job applicants?

    The salary level depends on the work schedule, format, and selected position. All of this is discussed individually with the candidate.

  • Are there any delays in salary payments?

    According to employee feedback, earned wages are paid on time and in full.

  • Can I work here if I have no experience in contract services?

    Simply Contact strongly supports young professionals, providing job opportunities, continuous learning, and career growth.

An Overview Rating of Simply Contact

Considering the information and data described above, a summary of Simply Contact would look like this:

Management – 4 out of 5
Simply Contact security – 5 out of 5
Work and life balance – 5 out of 5
Benefits and compensation – 4 out of 5
Culture – 5 out of 5

Simply Contact Alternative Competitors

Simply Contact can provide interesting and valuable experiences if you consider collaborating with contact services. You can also consider alternative options:

  • Global Contact Services (GCS);
  • Arise Virtual Solutions.

Our Verdict about Simply Contact

Simply Contact is a relatively new player in the contact center industry, but they have already made a name for itself as a reliable and professional service provider. One of the notable features of Simply Contact is its focus on customer data security, which is a critical aspect of any contact center operation. The company is constantly improving its security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of its client’s data.

Another strength of Simply Contact is its flexibility in serving clients from various industries, including medical, legal, and business. Their agents, located worldwide, are trained to follow specific instructions, minimizing the risk of providing inaccurate advice or information. The company also can integrate its systems with the client’s existing systems, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Overall, Simply Contact is a reliable and competent service provider in the contact center industry. Their focus on customer data security, flexibility in serving clients from different industries, and dedication to training and developing their agents make them a strong market player. While they may have a different experience level than some of the more established players in the industry, their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is commendable.