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    Average CSAT
    Mindy Support assures 95-99% quality, ensuring high customer satisfaction.
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    Get affordable services tailored to your needs with zero consultation fees.
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    Multilingual Support Availability
    enefit from a diverse team fluent in multiple languages for global assistance.
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    Experience 24/7 support via call, chat, and email for rapid issue resolution.

Mindy Support Summary

Initially part of a larger IT outsourcing company, it branched out in 2013 after realizing that it could support businesses around the world to meet Mindy Support customer service and data annotation objectives. Mindy Support became an independent company in 2015 in response to a growing demand for annotation services, back-office, customer and technical support in a diverse range of industries. In more recent years they became a leading outsourcing partner for several Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies.

Today, their global team consists of over 2,000 specialists, and offices and representatives in Cyprus, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, India, UAE, and Ukraine. Such strength in geography and numbers allows Mindy Support to deliver comprehensive support to their clients, smoothly and rapidly launch new projects and scale them up and ensure business continuity. The company has a highly experienced management team with a track record of getting things done. Many of their senior staff have IT and customer support backgrounds, allowing them to implement and manage advanced quality-control processes. Most importantly, Mindy Support can scale up quickly without compromising quality.

The Pros and Cons of Mindy Support Outsourcing Business Processes


  • Quality Assurance

95-99% quality depending on the Client’s requirements. Mindy Support outsourcing company implements only proven and time-tested quality management techniques and control metrics. Their Quality Assurance team makes sure each project is carried out with the highest level of professionalism.

  • Data Security

Mindy Support team understands how important it is for some companies to remain anonymous when outsourcing staff and sharing sensitive information. Your private data will remain secure and will never be disclosed to anyone outside of the company. Mindy Support has a reliable information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO 27001 standard.

  • Multilingual Support

Most of company’s clients have international businesses, meaning their customer care service representatives should speak several languages at a time. It’s not that easy to find multilingual experts, but Mindy Support manages to do so. With their support you can build a team of professionals, with a decent Mindy Support salary, who speak English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and other languages.

  • Small & Large Projects

The outsourcing company from Ukraine is happy to help both startup businesses and large enterprises. Mindy Support can assist with expanding your team from 10 to 1000+ people. It won’t take too much time, as we have a lot of experience in this field.

  • Boost Productivity

The tools required for data annotation and other BPO tasks are very advanced and in order to master them extra training is required. Mindy Support R&D center, a team of experienced developers, project managers, team leads, and QAs, can help to modify out-of-the-box solutions for your project.

  • Proven Experience

Mindy Support has worked with over 50 different systems and knows all the processes for existing market and open source solutions. For example, they have already developed a solution for working with medical/microscope images. This helps their team members better identify and annotate images and objects for Healthcare projects.

  • Customized knowledge base

They have also developed their own custom knowledge base where Mindy Support team members can learn about project requirements, specifications, strategies and methodology used for a specific project.


  • AI Costly Maintenance. Mindy Support uses AI solutions to speed up the work process and have the possibility for agents to focus on more advanced tasks. Thus, AI can become very expensive to maintain. Even if you are using secure software, being dependent on AI can lead to a situation when you can’t cover its expenses or experience data loss.
  • Machines lack creativity. This drawback is connected to the previous one, indicating what really separates AI from people. Even if AI-advanced software can replicate a human-like voice, it can’t replicate the entire creative solution thinking process.

A Brief Review of Services

Mindy Support can help you work on your business strategy by providing many different services that can help you stay focused on your goals while maintaining excellent customer support.

Here are the services that you can outsource from such a company:

Data Annotation Services

  • Image Processing/Annotation
  • Text Annotation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Video Annotation
  • 3D Point Cloud Annotation

Data Collection for Machine Learning includes text, images, audio, biometric and any other type upon request

Quality Assurance

  • Quality check of annotations / pre-labels on required metrics (geometry accuracy, label correctness, etc.);
  • Project metrics improvements (annotations validation, adjustments, and creation) to meet the required accuracy level;
  • Quality control of the output data;
  • Quality check of annotations / pre-labels on required metrics (geometry accuracy, label correctness, etc.);
  • Statistics collection and report compiling on the achieved quality (accuracy, precision, recall, F1 score, etc.);
  • Rework management: provision of the feedback and requests to the team to correct mistakes;
  • Support with corrective measurements and the project’s guidelines adoption.

How to Sign Up and Place Orders at Mindy Support

Mindy Support allows you to access its services and order them quickly, as they have an integration map to start scaling faster. You can log in to your account and request the services if you are an existing client. The login page will only ask for your email and password before you get full access to the website.

In addition, a new customer can sign up for a free consultation by specifying company structure, service type, and other requirements. During the meeting, you have an opportunity to discuss your targets, KPIs and let the provider know what you want to achieve during a relevant timeframe. It’s an open discussion on how much the customer expects from Mindy Support based on the given budget and schedule. The client should also explain the ideal team they have in mind. Mindy Support job openings are based on the ability to enable results. The company has an in-house training and quality assurance department that can ensure your conversions go smoothly and efficiently.

Then, the client can register by completing the sign-up process to secure a login password for their account. The registration process will take a few minutes before you are through and ready to order any service. You should also go through the integration process by managing FAQ, template development, and system integration. Finally, Mindy Support keeps clients by becoming more invested in their business as their partnership matures. After a successful first work stage, the company can suggest other services such as inbound customer care support, survey forms processing, appointment setting, and more.

Clients tend to forget their account passwords. In such a case, you request a password reset from the company. First, you provide the email address used for registration. From there, Mindy Support will send the credentials for resetting the password.

Pricing Policy Review

Before outsourcing services, you must be sure to select a reliable company. It allows you to be sure that your money is safe and that you can always receive excellent customer support and business processing solutions.

Regarding the pricing policy of Mindy Support, clients have to fill out a contact form or schedule a sales consultation on the website to get in touch with a company sales representative who can provide them with an accurate quote regarding its services. Mindy Support services are affordable, and they charge a zero fee for consultation services.

Contact & Support Systems

The world never sleeps, so your business shouldn’t. Hire a provider that will attend to your customers’ inquiries even if you’re not around. It will surely increase your customers’ satisfaction since they can be sure their issues will be solved anytime.

Mindy Support uses various channels to communicate with clients 24/7, even during holidays and weekends. In addition, the company can connect your business phone number to its system, so whenever someone calls you after hours, it is routed to a live answer service. Additionally, the company’s team has the best neutral accent in the BPO industry, so customers feel comfortable talking to agents. Mindy Support also provides a few contact numbers and email addresses on its website.

An Overview of Attitudes Towards the Service

Additionally, according to reviews on Mindy Support, it has an overall positive outlook on various social media platforms. The company is active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posting about recent updates, case studies, Mindy Support career opportunities, and providing answers to users. Sitejabber and Trustpilot describe the company as a trusted provider of different customer services.

FAQ Section

  • Is Mindy Support GDPR compliant?

    Mindy Support, as a company operating under Mindy Support brand name, is completely GDPR-compliant and, taking into account its field of expertise, considers personal data processing compliance as a top priority.

  • Which back office services does Mindy Support offer?

    In general, they provide almost all types of back-office support services. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

    • Data Entry and Processing
    • Order Management
    • Administrative Support
    • Image/Photo Editing and Cropping
    • Content Moderation
    • Dedicated personal assistants
    • CRM management
    • Invoicing and billing services
  • How does Mindy Support recruit candidates?

    Each project is assigned a dedicated recruitment and HR team to source and recruit the candidates. They use the following channels to find the exact people you are looking for to assemble your team:

    • Outdoor advertisement
    • Referral program
    • Social media & PR
    • Recruiting agencies
    • Cooperation with universities
    • Job bots

    Mindy Support also has 4 steps of interviewing process (phone screening; oral interview with the Recruiter; written test tasks (English level, hard skill test); Oral interview with the Project Manager responsible for the exact project. For the BPO and CS project, they provide clients with the opportunity to interview the final candidates for the projects (as a 5th step).

Mindy Support Rating

  • Management – 4 out of 5
  • Job security – 4 out of 5
  • Work and life balance – 5 out of 5
  • Benefits and compensation – 4.5 out of 5
  • Culture – 4 out of 5

Other Mindy Support reviews can present different scores depending on how they understand the company’s mission or interact with it.

Mindy Support Alternative Competitors

If you’d like to consider another provider similar to Mindy Support, you can select from the following companies as they have related services and the capacity to serve your client’s interests:

  • AnalytixLabs Gurgaon
  • Yelp for Business
  • Voices
  • Clickworker
  • Tracxn

Our Verdict

Mindy Support provides exceptional efficiency and first-class client service at competitive rates, building and managing remote teams for global enterprises and busy start-ups alike. At Mindy Support, they mitigate risks and strive for physical safety and cybersecurity. They put the security of their clients at the forefront, and do their best every day to meet these goals. Long-term collaborations with several Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies is proof that their teams deliver the level of service expected from even the most demanding clients.