Helpware Review


What is Helpware?

Helpware is a digitally enabled People as a Services Outsourcer focused on serving high growth, new economy, market-disrupting, and technology companies to own interaction custody, complete complex tasks, and grow their brands. Helpware’s vision is delivering relentless consumer empowerment and experience interactions through API and integration enabled human task services. They partner with the best and fastest-growing brands in the world to consistently create superior customer experiences. The company’s start-up solutions include Digital Customer Service, Content Control and Verification, AI Operations, Back-Office Support, Microtasking, and Human in the Loop. Expand team talent across all areas of customer engagement by joining your team with Helpware. The results show the faster product to market expansions with a competitive advantage.

Founded in 2015, Helpware is a company taking a modern approach to the outsourcing industry. Leveraging the power of People and transformative processes that allow both extension and integration. They are changing perceptions of what outsourcing is and can be, and they did that by building truly connected cultures in each of our locations, and by simply treating their employees better. With Helpware, they are all a team and family, and you’ll see that true difference when partnering with them.

The Pros and Cons of Helpware Outsourcing Business Processes


  • People

People are the heart of what Helpware does. It sounds simple, but it’s an often-overlooked part of outsourcing. They believe in their people, stand by their people, and want their employees and clients to be happy. Helpware puts culture in the forefront that clients genuinely feel as they get to know their team. Their investment in people , having a decent Helpware salary, embodies and empowers a concierge level mentality focused on transforming lives.

  • Team Building

Helpware clients work with their top leadership talent in professional implementation, transition, staffing, operations, and continuous optimization. They stand ready to implement a team and solution for you that scales as you scale. Helpware creates clearly defined job descriptions, utilizes a proven pre-screening process and recruits and retains only the best candidates.
Their custom-built teams are hand selected and trained to understand the why behind every customer interaction. The company has the priority of making customers feel special and supported.

  • Recruiting

Helpware recruiting strategies, processes, systems, and tools are specifically designed and targeted to reduce the timeline for identifying, recruiting, and hiring qualified employees. The aptitudes of their candidates and their propensity to be successful are tested through core and skills-based assessments.

  • Technology

The company delivers scalable and outcome-based solutions that combine integration, automation, and platforms to deliver the highest volume and most accurate tasking solution. They drive the best in AI, machine learning, data modeling, verification, and content labeling, and moderation.

  • Quality

Helpware provides access to real-time and historical data based on best practices. Their client management can measure performance, gain insights, share successes and take action on areas for improvements quickly and effectively. From their analytics, Helpware delivers comprehensive quality control management that includes quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control with an emphasis on continuous improvement.


  • Helpware call center has some staffing issues during peak hours and holiday periods. Thus, they sometimes need more agents to cover the service scope, decreasing customer satisfaction.
  • According to Helpware reviews, there are a few cases when company agents need help understanding the client’s business process, values, and mission. Thus, the company should provide employees with proper training on the core aspects and vision of every enterprise they are working with to offer a personalized approach.

A Brief Review of Services

Give your business a professional presence 24/7/365 by using Helpware services.

1) Digital Customer Experience

  • Inbound & Outbound Call Center
  • Helpware Customer Success
  • Multilingual Support
  • Technical Support
  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Telephone Answering Services

2) Content Control and Verification

  • Content Moderation
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Abuse Detection
  • Profile Impersonation

3) AI Operations

4) Back-Office Support

Moreover, Taskware is a data annotation platform that offers data annotation and labeling services successfully combining advanced software and human expertise. Helpware software and flexible approach lets them work with datasets of any size and scale on demand up to 100 people within a week. The company works as a micro-tasking platform for data training purposes, so they can work with datasets of any size and within any budget. You can outsource to Helpware any of the tasks such as data labeling, data categorization text annotation, dataset collection, etc.

How to Sign Up and Place Orders at Helpware

You can log in to your account and request the services if you are an existing client. The login page will only ask for your email and password before you get full access to the Helpware website.

A new customer has to choose a specific package for the outsourcing team and request a pricing quote on the website, indicating company details, industry, and preferred customer service to outsource. Helpware representatives will contact you in 24 hours and help personalize your ideal plan. Then, the client can register by completing the sign-up process to secure a login password for their account.

Registering and logging into the company system is easy and quick. Mandatory login credentials for Helpware include the customer’s name, email address, and contact information. This sign-up process allows you to create an account and access services at any time later. If you need someone to help you order services, Helpware customer service representatives are available by phone number on the website. Finally, with legitimate password reset options, you know your services are safe for your clients. Helpware will contact you via email to facilitate the password reset.

Pricing Policy Review

Before outsourcing services, you must be sure to select a reliable company. It allows you to be sure that your money is safe and that you can always receive excellent customer support and business processing solutions.

Regarding the Helpware pricing policy, clients have to fill out a contact form or schedule a sales consultation on the website to get in touch with a company sales representative who can provide them with an accurate quote regarding its services. Helpware services are affordable, and they charge a zero fee for consultation services.

Contact & Support Systems

Call center consultants are well-prepared and ensure excellent customer service. They can be reached by phone, email, or Helpware company form. Contact information is available on the main website page, indicating the phone number +1 (949) 273 – 2824. Helpware answers frequently asked questions regarding services or specific company issues, giving reasonable and detailed explanations. The company’s working hours are flexible depending on the flow of clients. Moreover, the service order processes have a well-structured interface, with each step leading smoothly to the next one.

An Overview of Attitudes Towards the Service

Additionally, according to reviews on Helpware BPO, it has an overall positive outlook on various social media platforms. The company is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, posting about recent updates, case studies, Helpware jobs and providing answers to users. Sitejabber and Trustpilot describe the company as a trusted provider of different customer services.

FAQ Section

Is Helpware Safe?

Helpware is HIPAA-compliant, ISO 27001-compliant, and GDPR-compliant company. They secure the information of your customers to the highest standard. With 10+ years of industry experience, you can trust them to drive loyalty toward your business.

What Industries Does Helpware Work With?

Helpware provides call center and BPO services to various industries, including:

  • Ecommerce & Retail
  • SaaS & Software
  • HealthCare & HealthTech
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • FinTech
  • Social Media
  • On-Demand: Food, Personal, Transportation
  • Public Sector

How To Set Up Helpware Customer Service For an eCommerce Store?

Determine the size and the support model that your business will require. Make sure your team expands with professionals with the right skills and knowledge. Set up the processes and communication flow — all with your eCommerce customer in mind. These are the steps to success while e-commerce outsourcing.

Will Outsourced IT Support With Helpware For My Business Help Me Scale?

Of course! An outsourced team frees up many resources that otherwise might have gone on supporting an in-house team. Freeing those resources will allow for your company’s growth and development.

An Overview Rating of Helpware

By looking at the various factors, we can rate Helpware as:

  • Management – 4.3 out of 5
  • Job security – 5 out of 5
  • Work and life balance – 4.2 out of 5
  • Benefits and compensation – 4.7 out of 5
  • Culture – 5 out of 5

Other reviewers can present different scores depending on how they understand the mission of Helpware or have interacted with the company.

Helpware Alternative Competitors

If you are considering Helpware outsourcing service, you may also want to investigate similar alternatives or competitors to find the best solution. A call center and BPO are widely used services, and many companies are looking for effective providers. Other essential factors to consider when researching alternatives to Helpware include sales rate and customer satisfaction. Here’s a list of Helpware competitors you might consider working:

  • AWS Managed Services
  • CloudTask
  • Coastal Cloud
  • Peak Support
  • Callbox

Our Verdict

Helpware’s vision is delivering relentless Consumer Empowerment and Experience interactions through API and Integration enabled human task services. They partner with the best and fastest-growing brands in the world to consistently create superior customer experiences. Helpware’s outsourced digital customer service connects you to your customers where they are. They offer business process outsourcing that drives brand loyalty including Call Center, Answering Service, Chat, Technical, and Email support. Expand customer satisfaction by staffing the right people with the right skills across all customer channels. The results are increased brand loyalty and competitive advantage.