ModSquad Review


What is ModSquad?

ModSquad provides CX services for companies in markets all over the world, from Fortune 500s to startups. Their clients represent over 40 different industries. They’ve done work for a high fashion jean brand and a nuclear energy company. They’ve helped nonprofits as well as governments. ModSquad’s specialty is customizing CX services to match your size and your industry. The company started in 2007.They were founded by a Silicon Valley lawyer who liked moderating message boards in her spare time for fun. Since then ModSquad has been specializing in content moderation, community management, and social media. What does ModSquad do? ModSquad is a full-service provider with expertise to assist with the whole customer support pipeline, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Tool Selection and Implementation
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Knowledge Base and FAQ Creation and Maintenance
  • Training Program Development and Delivery

Moreover, they made remote work secure by creating Cubeless, their patent-pending security platform. The Cubeless platform is ModSquad’s proprietary mix of standards, compliant software, and systems. This platform is reinforced with comprehensive policies, training, and education for all our CX experts — The Mods. All work happens via a virtual desktop in the cloud. The infrastructure is highly redundant, with upwards of 99.99% uptime. Additional protection and segmentation includes anti screen capture, anti key logging, 26+ cloud AV scans, as well as disabling removable media, screen captures, and cut/paste functionality to secure and restrict data movement from the virtual workspace to an endpoint device.

The Pros and Cons of ModSquad Outsourcing Business Processes


  • Data Driven

Beginning with the first sales call, they start building a quantitative model of your CX project. They look at your challenges, your tools, your metrics, and your KPIs. Even deep into a project, ModSquad continues monitoring the data. They always know the state of your customers and community, and how to meet your business goals. Think of it as your own CX Mission Control.

  • Keeping your Future Roof

Stay adaptable and prepared for anything with their unmatched flexibility and scalability. When the unexpected happens — whether it’s hockey stick growth, an unexpected lull, or a dumpster fire — scale up or down to meet demand. Pivot on a moment’s notice. You won’t get this level of control anywhere else.

  • Building a Team Around Your Brand

They don’t assign Mods to your project – they pick you! Experts in their network compete to work on your project because they know your products and love your brand. They get your community because they’re already part of your community. Watch audience satisfaction and operational efficiency skyrocket.

  • Keeping you on Budget

All that customization might sound more expensive than traditional outsourcing. It isn’t. Think of it as a tailored, no-waste approach. You always have the right team on the job for just the right amount of time. More efficiency and less idle time keep costs low. ModSquad quality means higher ROI.


  • ModSquad has some staffing issues during peak hours and holiday periods. Thus, they sometimes need more agents to cover the service scope, decreasing customer satisfaction.
  • According to the company’s reviews on Clutch, there are a few cases when ModSquad agents need help understanding the client’s business process, values, and mission. Thus, the company should provide employees with proper training on the core aspects and vision of every enterprise they are working with to offer a personalized approach.

A Brief Review of Services

Content Moderation

  • Moderation Guideline Analysis and Development
  • Cross-Platform Strategic Planning
  • Behavior Management Software Implementation
  • COPPA Compliance and Child Safety Best Practices
  • Security Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2)
  • Chat and Safety Toolset Recommendations
  • Social Listening
  • Username moderation
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Services
  • Trust and Safety

Customer Support

  • Strategic Planning
  • Tool Selection and Implementation
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Knowledge Base and FAQ Creation and Maintenance
  • Training Program Development and Delivery

Trust and Safety

Community Management

  • Trust & Safety, Behavior Management
  • Community Funnel and Communication Channels
  • Activity Calendar, Contest, and Campaigns
  • Ambassador & Influencer Programs
  • Crisis Management
  • Community Platform Modifications
  • Community Liaison
  • Live Streams and Real-Time Events (Q&As, AMAs, etc.)

Social Media

  • Social Media Playbook
  • Brand Tone & Voice Development
  • Campaigns & Activation Consultation
  • CRM Toolset Recommendations, Implementation, and Training
  • Social Crisis Strategy
  • Develop Ambassador and Influencer Program

How to Sign Up and Place Orders at ModSquad

ModSquad allows you to access its services and easily make orders as they prepare an integration roadmap to start scaling faster. The 1st month of integration is free!

You can log in to your account and request the services if you are an existing client. The login page will only ask for your email and password before you get full access to the web-portal.

A new customer has to choose a specific package for the outsourcing team and request a pricing quote. Modsquad will contact you in 24 hours and help personalize your ideal plan. Then, the client can register by completing the sign-up process to secure a login password for their account. You should confirm the password before submitting the request. The registration process will take a few minutes before you are through and ready to order any service. You should also go through the integration process by managing FAQ, template development, and system integration. Finally, in 3 weeks, the client makes a 1st month’s prepayment, and ModSquad p goes live.

Clients need to remember their account passwords. Otherwise, they request a password reset from the company. First, companies provide the email address used for registration. From there, ModSquad will send the credentials for resetting the password.

Pricing Policy Review

You must calculate your pricing for specific support outsourcing needs to be sure your money is safe and your company can always receive excellent customer service. The pricing quote depends on your business type, the number of services, and the team size requested.

ModSquad pricing packages are the following:

  • Shared Team. This service will help you extend your current team and provide customer support for the soft launch of your product.
  • Dedicated Team. Get a dedicated team of specialists who are focused on your customers only.
  • Dedicated Team Turn Key. A dedicated team of professionals with a personal management team integrated into your company structure. It is a remote extension of your in-house team.

Contact & Support Systems

Before outsourcing services, you should research how you’ll contact the service provider in times of need. ModSquad ensures a smooth and efficient communication system all around the clock.

The company uses various channels to communicate with clients 24/7, such as call center, live chat, email, and help desk. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about your clients receiving support whenever they need it.

ModSquad also provides a contact number and email address on their website that you can use. But remember, you can only reach out to them with the contact number from Monday to Friday during working hours EST. You can communicate with the sales team to ask about service delivery or the cost you’ll pay when outsourcing call center services.

An Overview of Attitudes Towards the Service

Additionally, according to reviews on ModSquad, it has an overall positive outlook on various social media platforms with ModSquad salary being decent. The company is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, posting about recent updates, case studies, ModSquad careers, and providing answers to users. Sitejabber and Trustpilot describe the company as a trusted provider of different customer services.

FAQ Section

Is it hard to get a job at ModSquad?

According to ModSquad job reviews, first, you need to apply. Grab your resume and apply here. Next, you’ll fill out a profile so our team of recruiters can get to know you. The company will ask you stuff like what you do for fun, about your hobbies and interests, and what languages you speak. Once you submit that form, you’ll receive an email acknowledging receipt, usually within 72 hours.

How do I pick up a project?

Once you’re a Mod, you’ll have access to the projects they’re currently staffing. If you see one that fits, you apply to be on it. It’s pretty simple. The company is always starting new projects and bringing on new clients, so there are always new opportunities to browse and apply for.

How much does ModSquad pay?

It depends on the project, your experience, your skills, and ultimately, your performance. For example, Mods with hard-to-find native language abilities or niche tech skills can earn higher hourly rates.

What happens after I join the network? Do I start right away?

Working for ModSquad will start as soon as possible, but joining the network is just the first step. Other steps include:

  • Completing your contractor agreement
  • Passing a background check
  • Getting matched to a project
  • Onboarding

ModSquad Rating

  • Management – 4 out of 5
  • Job security – 4 out of 5
  • Work and life balance – 5 out of 5
  • Benefits and compensation – 4.5 out of 5
  • Culture – 4 out of 5

Other ModSquad reviews can present different scores depending on how they understand the company’s mission or interact with it.

ModSquad Alternative Competitors

If you’d like to consider another provider similar to AnswerFirst, you can select from the following companies as they have related services and the capacity to serve your client’s interests:

  • CloudTask
  • SmartSites
  • Capital Numbers
  • Peak Support
  • Helpware

Our Verdict

ModSquad leads the Customer Experience (CX) Service industry. Top brands around the globe turn to them for customer support, content moderation, trust and safety, community management, and social media services. Since 2007, they’ve been reinventing traditional outsourcing. They embraced remote and steered clear of cubicles in soulless call centers. The company secured their distributed team with Cubeless, the patent-pending security platform. They deploy their services by the hour rather than saddle you with inefficient FTEs. And their representatives are so experienced and empathetic it isn’t fair to call them “agents” – so they don’t. They are called Mods!