Magellan Solutions Review


Most SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) agree that outsourcing call center services are a successful business strategy. Big companies usually outsource their logistics, customer support, and marketing. In addition, SMEs prefer to get a third-party company to help them process payroll and product distribution. Outsourcing call center services gives enterprises a separately functioning calling team with better productivity and performance. Thus, it is essential to get an in-demand service that provides solutions to a company’s issues.

Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. (Magellan) is an inbound and outbound call center and business processing outsourcing provider in the Philippines. Combining new approaches to strategies and operational performance of business operations allows them to deliver efficient customer support, covering the entire customer lifecycle. Here is a review about Magellan Solutions, a company you can hire for such services!

The Pros and Cons of Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Business Processes


  • Flexible Pricing Options

Magellan Solutions has dedicated employee pricing and shared services available to help with your campaigns. The clients can scale with the provider without investing tons of money.

  • The Ideal Agent To Supervisor Ratio

The company has enough team leaders, supervisors, and operations managers to oversee the day-to-day performance of customer service representatives, so the ratio is 1:12.

  • Prioritizing Ethical Business Approach

Certified with ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, Magellan Solutions takes pride in delivering safe and secure services to its clients.

  • Speaking Your Language

The company’s primary focus for the 17+ years has remained the same. It is to help SMEs drive growth through effective call center services, providing them with multilingual support, driving customer satisfaction, and business excellence.

  • 24/7 Business Operation

Magellan Solutions operates all day to accommodate calls coming from various geographic regions. Its 24/7 operations provide effective customer service, receive incoming orders, schedule reservations and appointments at any time. In addition, the company’s strategic shifting schedule enables agents to cover your business after your office hours, during the weekends, or on holidays.

  • Up-To-Date Software & Infrastructure

Magellan Solutions’ agents use the latest call center technology to provide fast, effective, and enhanced service to your existing and potential customers. The company’s software range includes ICBM, ViciDialer, FreshDesk, RingCentral, Zendesk, Bria, and Five9.


  • Magellan Solutions have some staffing issues during peak hours and holiday periods. Thus, they sometimes need more agents to cover the service scope, decreasing customer satisfaction.
  • According to the company’s reviews on Clutch, there are a few cases when Magellan Solutions agents need help understanding the client’s business process, values, and mission. Thus, the company should provide employees with proper training on the core aspects and vision of every enterprise they are working with to offer a personalized approach.

A Brief Review of Services

Magellan Solutions can help you work on your business strategy by providing many different services that can help you stay focused on your goals while maintaining excellent customer support.

Here are the services that you can outsource from such a company:

  1. Inbound Call Center Services include virtual receptionist service, phone answering service, outsourced technical support, and omnichannel contact center.
  2. Outbound Call Center Services, including telemarketing, cold calling, lead generation, market research, and survey processing services.
  3. BPO Services, including staff leasing, loan processing call center, back office services, debt collection services, and certificate intelligent document processing.

How to Sign Up and Place Orders | Magellan Solutions Review

Magellan Solutions allows you to access its services and order them quickly, as they have an integration map to start scaling faster. You can log in to your account and request the services if you are an existing client. The login page will only ask for your email and password before you get full access to the website.

In addition, a new customer can sign up for a free 60-min consultation by specifying company structure, service type, and other requirements. During the meeting, you have an opportunity to discuss your targets, KPIs and let the provider know what you want to achieve during a relevant timeframe. It’s an open discussion on how much the customer expects from Magellan Solutions call center based on the given budget and schedule. The client should also explain the ideal team they have in mind. Magellan Solutions job openings are based on the ability to enable results. The company has an in-house training and quality assurance department that can ensure your conversions go smoothly and efficiently.

Then, the client can register by completing the sign-up process to secure a login password for their account. The registration process will take a few minutes before you are through and ready to order any service. You should also go through the integration process by managing FAQ, template development, and system integration. Finally, Magellan Solutions keep clients by becoming more invested in their business as their partnership matures. After a successful first work stage, the company can suggest other services such as inbound customer care support, survey forms processing, appointment setting, and more.

Clients tend to forget their account passwords. In such a case, you request a password reset from the company. First, you provide the email address used for registration. From there, Magellan Solutions will send the credentials for resetting the password.

Pricing Policy Review

Before outsourcing services, you must be sure to select a reliable company. It allows you to be sure that your money is safe and that you can always receive excellent customer support and business processing solutions.

Regarding the pricing policy of Magellan Solutions, clients have to fill out a contact form or schedule a sales consultation on the website to get in touch with a company sales representative who can provide them with an accurate quote regarding its services. Magellan Solutions’s services are affordable, and they charge a zero fee for consultation services.

Contact & Support System

The world never sleeps, so your business shouldn’t. Hire a provider that will attend to your customers’ inquiries even if you’re not around. It will surely increase your customers’ satisfaction since they can be sure their issues will be solved anytime.

Magellan Solutions outsourcing chat uses various channels to communicate with clients 24/7, even during holidays and weekends. In addition, the company can connect your business phone number to its system, so whenever someone calls you after hours, it is routed to a live answer service. Additionally, the company’s team has the best neutral accent in the BPO industry, so customers feel comfortable talking to agents.

Magellan Solutions also provides a few contact numbers and email addresses on its website. But remember, you can only reach out to them from Monday to Friday during working hours EST, Greenwich, and AET.

An Overview of Attitudes Towards the Service

The company is available on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to display its services and update clients on its blog posts and internal work processes. A number of followers and response feedback on social media is low. But it doesn’t affect Magellan Solutions’ ability to provide efficient outsourcing services. In addition, you can always access recent updates from the website as the team regularly updates such info.

FAQ Section

Is Magellan Solutions Safe?

Magellan Solutions is HIPAA-compliant, ISO 27001-compliant, and GDPR-compliant company. They secure the information of your customers to the highest standard. With 17+ years of industry experience, you can trust them to drive loyalty toward your business.

What Are The Reasons To Get A Philippine-based Outsourcing Call Center Service?

The Philippines is named the Call Center Capital as agents have proven their formidable talent and skills in the industry. The country has overtaken its closest rival, India, with 16% to 18% of the global market share. Agents’ sales expertise and knowledge in customer service allow them to deeply understand your customers’ needs and offer efficient service solutions. Call center services in the Philippines are also cost-effective, so you can save resources while receiving quality customer support.

What Industries Does Magellan Solutions Work With?

Magellan Solutions provides call center and BPO services to various industries, including:

  • legal outsourcing
  • BPO real estate
  • insurance BPO
  • retail outsourcing
  • e-commerce outsourcing
  • mobile app customer support
  • HR outsourcing
  • 3D rendering services
  • travel outsourcing
  • telecom BPO
  • education services
  • e-services call center

An Overview Rating of Magellan Solutions

By looking at the various factors, we can rate Magellan Solutions as:

  • Management – 4.3 out of 5
  • Job security – 5 out of 5
  • Work and life balance – 4.2 out of 5
  • Benefits and compensation – 4.7 out of 5
  • Culture – 5 out of 5

Other reviewers can present different scores depending on how they understand the mission of Magellan Solutions or have interacted with the company.

Magellan Solutions’ Alternative Competitors

If you are considering Magellan Solutions outsourcing service, you may also want to investigate similar alternatives or competitors to find the best solution. A call center and BPO are widely used services, and many companies are looking for effective providers. Other essential factors to consider when researching alternatives to Magellan Solutions include sales rate and customer satisfaction. Here’s a list of alternatives you might consider working:

  • CloudTask
  • Peak Support
  • Menu Managed Live Chat
  • Helpware

Our Verdict

Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. (Magellan) is an inbound and outbound call center and business processing outsourcing provider in the Philippines, working in the market for 17 years. Combining unrivaled expertise and capabilities across industries and business functions, the company brings fresh approaches to strategies and operational performance of business operations by delivering the right BPO and customer management solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. Are you looking for a reliable provider to outsource calling services? Magellan Solutions got your back!

Moreover, among the core values the company indicates are the following:

  • Teamwork – Magellan Solutions salary level indicates the company values team accomplishments
  • Dedication – they strive hard to achieve their shared goals.
  • Integrity – they maintain the highest standards of fairness and ethics in all transactions with clients, employees, and the community they serve