GCS (Global Contact Services) Review

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  • Average CSAT
    Average CSAT
    GCS ensures high customer satisfaction with quick, expert communication solutions.
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    Enjoy cost-effective outsourcing options tailored to your business needs with GCS.
  • Multilingual Support Availability
    Multilingual Support Availability
    GCS offers multilingual support for seamless communication worldwide.
  • Response Time
    Response Time
    Experience rapid support with GCS, boasting an average hold time of just 13 seconds.
  • Hourly workforce scheduling.
  • Micro workforce management.
  • Instant quality assurance.
  • Selection and training of personnel.
  • Optimization of internal management.
  • Optimization of financial expenses.
  • Focus on big business.
  • High staff turnover.
  • Not enough information.

GCS (Global Contact Services) Review: Quick, Expert, Flexible

Proper communication with customers is the key to business success. GCS agency is one of the possible solutions for outsourcing staffing and management that provides the expected business result.

Indeed, communication with customers is an integral part of any business. The decision of a potential client to make a purchase or order your service often depends on the response speed and competence. In the same way, it depends on the communication effectiveness whether this client will return to you again. Luckily for you, specialists from the GCS call center have high experience and all the necessary skills to provide you with a reliable remote contact service that exceeds expectations.

How Can GCS Services Help You Optimize Communication with Clients?

Let us tell you more details about GCS services. In 2020, when the global pandemic started, the issue of organizing stable communication with customers became especially relevant. The service quickly developed and improved its offers for customers:

  • Call center outsourcing

High experience and management allow GCS to solve problems in the communications field freely. The company represents you to your clients and promises to do it in the best possible way, considering your specific company and its activity. Creating a contact center for you and reorganizing what you already have for better results is more than possible and beneficial.

What about terms? Creating a new contact center in an existing space can take 45 to 90 days, despite your location. Creating a new contact center usually takes between 9 and 18 months. Reorganizing a current Contact Center (for example, if you have already used some platform) can only take a couple of weeks. In any case, it is possible to find options suitable to your particular case.

  • GCS Work From Home Teams

If you are interested in the growth of your business, you are devoting time and attention to improving the team’s work. You may also wonder ─ what do you do at global contact services? The chosen company will be ready to offer qualified specialists competent in various fields: finance, health, and insurance. Their agents are Soft Skills Certified, so they know how to deliver information and what to say in conflict situations.

Additionally, one more option is a hybrid model of work. That is an interesting decision, which allows you to organize a contact service with 25 to 500 specialists, depending on your needs. Besides, the company provides training and monitors the efficiency and responsiveness of work in real-time.

Core Strengths of GCS Agency

If you`re still wondering who GCS is, just let us share the results of our work, which demonstrates the service’s strengths:

  • The declared average hold time is 13 seconds. GCS has maintained the COVID Hotline for 68,000 MTA New York City Transit employees throughout the pandemic. The company constantly reviews the work and makes changes to provide a speedy response.
  • Flexible work mode to serve your needs in any format. When their client decided to switch to a remote work format with the introduction of mandatory communication remotely, more than 700 of our employees have been transferred to a remote work format, while 75% of employees work from home.
  • The ability to work remotely allows you to stay mobile and operational. In addition to saving about 2 hours a day, which they previously spent on the road, employees were always available.
  • Ready to deal with the efficiency of work even with a vast number of meetings. With many people out of work, the number of applications for unemployment increased dramatically. At the same time, the demand for contact centers has grown. The Department of Labor trusted GCS to process claims in New York State. In three months, GCS assisted in processing over 700,000 claims. That’s $420,000.00 into the economy every week!
  • Service helps to reduce the technological costs of customers by 20%. The organization of a contact center involves the purchase and installation of equipment, the rental of premises, and the search and hiring of qualified specialists. You can just read reviews of global contact services to find out how convenient and profitable it is to outsource communication with clients.

Main Advantages of CGS

During our work, the company has received more than 200 million calls. It demonstrates both the high technological capabilities of the service and emphasizes the experience and trust of customers.

Here are several advantages for the client’s business:

  • Hourly workforce scheduling. Scale from 30 to 300 full-time equivalent employees in no time flat.
  • Micro workforce management. Service offers you different payment plan options for full-time and part-time employees.
  • Instant quality assurance. The company is constantly improving the service by analyzing messages and adjusting them (if necessary) daily in real-time.
  • Selection and training of personnel. GCS undertakes the training and internship of new employees.
  • Optimization of internal management. You can keep the team’s structure the same. Your new contact center will quickly and easily become part of your company.
  • Incredible customer service. The company has a great experience in soft skills and customer service and uses a world-famous soft skills training program.
  • Optimization of financial expenses. The client may select the most relevant and profitable model for them.

Typical Disadvantages of CGS

A large flow of information and the level of responsibility in cooperation with top companies create certain nuances. Thus, there are some things you should know.

  • Focus on big business. Based on the company’s information about itself, the cooperation is focused on large companies, which is also seen in GCS reviews.
  • High staff turnover. On the Internet, there are many negative GCS employee services reviews about the management within the company.
  • Not enough information. The official website does not indicate the estimated cost of cooperation or the level of salaries for potential employees.

The company’s achievements look attractive, but the GCS career for potential employees can take time and effort. Therefore, it is likely that the high turnover of staff, which is written about on the Internet, concerns employees for whom the amount of work turned out to be impossible. The ability to work remotely is the most attractive aspect of working at this company. After your three-week training, you begin taking calls.

On the one hand, the conditions offered by the company look transparent and understandable. On the other hand, there is a serious disadvantage ─ the need for more work with negative comments, which may affect the company’s image. It’s a deficient approach when a company can only be contacted through the website.

A Brief Review of Global Contact Services

Based on GCS agents’ reviews, the main goal of GCS is to provide communication processes with clients from beginning to end, which will allow clients to save time and money on organizing their contact center. Today, the company provides such services (and each can be adapted to the request of a particular client):

  • COVID Hotlines;
  • Contact Tracing;
  • Unemployment Claims;
  • Reservations;
  • Web Support;
  • Customer Service;
  • Order Entry;
  • Insurance Claims;
  • Help Desk;
  • Seasonal Support;
  • After Hours;
  • Municipal Services;
  • Financial Services;
  • Data Entry;
  • Tolling Back Office;
  • Proxy Processing;
  • Product Recalls.

How to Sign Up and Start Working with GCS?

All communication with the company takes place online. To get started, the client needs to fill out an application (you can do this online on the website). The client will be asked to fill in information about their activities, number of employees, business area, as well as contact details. After receiving the application, a company representative will contact you. However, it needs to be indicated exactly when they can reach you.

There is a separate section on the site for those considering the possibility of working in the company. There, you can find information about current vacancies in certain regions and fill out an application for a vacancy of interest. If the candidate’s experience matches the requirements for the vacancy, a specialist will contact you for further communication. Studying the reviews first to be ready for possible nuances would be wise.

If the interview is successful, the candidate will be offered to undergo training. It is necessary to standardize each employee’s activities by following the GCS’s general instructions.

GCS Contact and Support Systems

Amazon Connect is used as a call center platform. At the request of Amazon Web Services, the customer can choose from available options ranging from agent-specific and self-service to a hybrid communications system. The service provides communication and availability of operators in any necessary range at certain hours and 24/7, if necessary for your business.

One of the features is the ability to select operators on a specific topic. Agree, the likelihood of competent advice increases if, for instance, an agent with experience in this area talks about insurance. In this case, they can talk about the product and convey its value to the client.

An Overview of Attitudes Towards the Service

The service offers customers to outsource communication with customers completely. Strangely, the company’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), listed on the official website, are not incredibly active. The number of subscribers on each account is at most 1000 people. Moreover, many messages remained unanswered, raising a logical question: «Is the service really good if it’s not in a hurry to answer its subscribers?».

FAQ Section

  • Is GSC safe for clients?

    The presence of large companies and government agencies in these cases demonstrates the service’s reliability. However, the need for more details about the company and inactive social networks raises doubts about the 100% service reliability.

  • How does cooperation with the GSC help to optimize costs?

    The service offers a full cycle of creating a contact center based on its resources: from modern technological equipment to hiring and monitoring the performance of qualified specialists.

  • Do I need this service if I already have my contact center?

    One of the features is the ability to work in a hybrid format. For example, you can reorganize your department or supplement it with experienced specialists. At the same time, you do not need to spend time searching and hiring only suitable employees.

  • Do I need to control the service workflow and operations?

    It is one of the main advantages of the service. Supervisors monitor the operation stability and the availability of the required number of operators on the line. Besides, they constantly analyze how high-quality advice the operator provides in real-time.

An Overview Rating of Global Contact Services

After we have considered in detail what services GSC offers, how the company is presented, and what reviews can be found in the public domain, we would like to make a final review of the main points:

Management – 4 out of 5
GCS security – 4 out of 5
Work and life balance – 3 out of 5
Benefits and compensation – 4 out of 5
Culture – 4 out of 5

GCS Alternative Competitors

By looking at how Global Contact Services works, you can determine how capable it is of meeting your needs. You can also look at similar solutions and choose the one that will be the most profitable, fast, and convenient for you.

For example, you can also look at the alternatives, such as:

  • Arise;
  • SimplyContact.

Our Verdict About GCS

Global Contact Services has strong capabilities and resources manifested in technological equipment and a sufficient number of specialists. It guarantees competent and experienced specialists working with clients in different areas. Nevertheless, before concluding a contract, it is always desirable to discuss all the nuances so that your expectations meet your and your clients’ desirable reality.