Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outsource Customer Support, or OCS?

Outsource Customer Support LLC, “OCS” for short, is a new and innovate firm built for entreprneurs in the 21st Century. We’re not a call center, we’re customer experience professionals. From Twitter management, to live chat, to email and phone calls, our mission is to take some weight off your shoulders and encourage brand loyalty. Often, with our unique scaling solutions, this means maximizing sales and minimizing growing pains. We’re doing much more than talking to customers. We’re upselling, we’re writing daily reports, we’re increasing brand awareness, encouraging return customrs, and tracking it all on the way with seamless CRM integration. 

How can you make me more money?

OCS makes you more money via both direct and indirect avenues. Fistly, we will upsell your customers when appropriate, and we’ll adapt to your selling style and ways of doing business. Secondly, our services will take some weight off your shoulders, leaving you with newfound time to further develop your business and expand. Our services also increases brand loyalty, and a superior customer experience impresses customers to the point where they no longer buy from you for a product or service, but for an experience. Also, OCS is a fantastically cost-effective way to tap into foreign markets. OCS’ agents cumulatively speak almost a dozen languages. So whether you’re a Chinese company looking to gain a foothold in the U.S., or an German company launching a brand in Italy, we’ve got you covered with bilingual and even trilingual servicing. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, proudly displaying your customer support is vital to sales. A site without a phone number or live chat box discourages sales as customers question and doubt accessbility. Having agents live, standing by to answer customer questions, is incredibly important to boost consumer confidence over the wall and into sales terriroity. In the vast majority of cases, we’ve found that our services pay for themselves and more. At the end of the day, we’re almost always turning a large profit for our clients.

How can you save me time?

It is not uncommon for an entrepreneur or small business owner to spend the vast majority of his time talking to customers; and while this is not wasted time, it is poorly delegated time. Instead of answering questions which can often be found on your website, a business owner should be developing new products, filling old orders, and leading the charge to new horizons.

Let us answer your phone calls, emails, and live chat requests. While you’re at it, let us manage your social media and help maintain your online presence. We’ll keep you in touch with your business with the OCS Field Report, a daily report summarizing the day — if we need to ask you any questions or require direction with a customer, you’ll also find those requests for information here.

A business owner should be stategizing for the future and focusing on the road ahead — and you can’t do that if you’re bogged down in the small stuff. Let us take some weight off your shoulders, and you’ll find you’re able to move much, much faster.

How much does OCS cost?

Pricing depends on hours and volume. We have some clients we charge $12 a day, and others we charge $50. We get it, you’re busy, so we’ll give you a ballpark number:

Here’s our pricing for phone, email, and live chat support:

Depending on your volume, these prices may be lower or higher. Furthermore, these prices are the total for all three services offered: phone, email, and live chat. To get a custom and more accurate quote, click here.

Can you integrate with my current infrastructure?

Yes! Our agents are highly flexible, and we’re quick learners. We’re happy to learn your current infrastructure (whether it’s your CRM or call forwarding service) and use your favorite platforms in order to best serve you and your company.

How will OCS be able to answer my customers questions?

OCS will conduct an intense study of your business before taking over your customer support operations. We’ll look at your website and current online publications in order to gather as much as we can about your business. We’ll then put ourselves in your customers’ shoes and brainstorm every question, doubt, complaint and objection they may have to your product or service. Using the information you’ve made available online, we’ll attempt to answer those very questions. Naturally, there will be some questions we can’t yet answer. We’ll then forward that same list and ask for guidance on filling our gaps of knowledge, as well as any pointers or patterns of questions you’ve been asked. Our mission in preparation for handling your customer support is knowing everything there is to know about your company, from its mission statement to its refund policy.

If there’s ever a time where we don’t know the answer to a question (which, by the way, is quite rare), we’ll be honest with the customer and ask to get back to them. We’ll include the customer’s question in your daily OCS Field Report or, if it’s urgent enough, just email you directly. Although not knowing the answer to a question may be perceived as a negative, we’ve found that it’s actually a positive. Customers are so impressed that we actually took the time to get back to them, they’re far more likely to put their confidence in your business and purchase a product!

What kind of people are OCS agents?

Our agents are native speakers and natives to the region in which they serve. That means a Dutch company will be assigned Dutch agents, and an American company will be assigned American agents. Your customers will appreciate the friendly and familiar touch of a native speaker intimately connected to the same culture, customs, and ways of doing business. Our agents are all smart, diligent, and dedicated people from a variety of backgrounds. For example, some agents are graduate students at top universities with a flexible schedule and in need of a part time job. Others are warm and friendly mothers who can work while the kids are away at school. OCS will always attempt to match an agent with a similar background to your business, in order to ensure top-notch service. Furthermore, we consistently conduct quality assurance checks to ensure our agents are, day in and day out, living up to the reputation OCS prides itself on.